Who’s swimming naked?

They say it is only when the tide goes out can you see who’s swimming naked. The tide is well and truly going out, and we are about to see which founders and their companies are bathing in their birthday suits. In the crypto space we’ve seen blow ups like FTX that were swimming very, very naked. In the VC landscape in Australia, we’ve started to see parts of the cycle where companies that once raised a lot of money, are now not able to do so and sadly enter liquidation.

B2B is the ‘dad bod’ of venture capital (and that’s why we like it)

When we tell the community our mandate is to support B2B tech companies scaling up into the UK and US, we know this is a mouthful and sounds like an oddly specific mandate. The comment we hear most from founders is, ‘we reached out to you because you help founders expand into the UK and US, and that’s the bit we need help with’. And the comment we most hear from investors is, ‘why only B2B tech?’

Investing in B2B tech companies

Our co-founder Elaine Stead presenting at Wholesale Investor Capital Expo in 2022 on the topic of “Investing in B2B tech companies”.