Tribe Global Ventures Pty Ltd (A.C.N. 653 897 431) is a corporate authorised representative (CAR) of Interfinancial Corporate Finance Limited (IFL) AFSL 341675, CAR Number 1302973. TGV Custodian Pty Ltd (our corporate trustee for funds under management) is also a corporate authorised representative (CAR) of IFL, CAR Number 01302974. Together, Tribe Global Ventures and TGV Custodian are referred to as Tribe, we, us, or our in this document.

To the extent to which any document we provide to prospective investors contains advice it is general advice only and has been prepared by us for individuals identified as wholesale investors under Section 761G or Section 761GA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). The information contained therein is presented in summary form and is therefore subject to qualification and further explanation. The information in those documents is not intended to be relied upon as advice to investors or potential investors and has been prepared without taking into account personal investment objectives, financial circumstances or particular needs. Recipients of any document or information from Tribe are advised to consult their own professional advisers about legal, tax, financial or other matters relevant to the suitability of this information. The investment summarised in those documents is subject to known and unknown risks, some of which are beyond our control and our directors, employees, advisers or agents. We do not guarantee any particular rate of return or the performance, nor do we and our directors personally guarantee the repayment of capital or any particular tax treatment. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

The materials shared from time to time and contained therein represent a general summary of the opportunities and businesses. Depending on market conditions and trends, we may pursue other objectives or strategies considered appropriate and in the best interest of shareholders. There are risks involved in investing in our business. All investments carry some level of risk, and there is typically a direct relationship between risk and return. It is important to note that we cannot mitigate risk completely. 

Investment documents are prepared as a private communication to investors, are confidential and are not intended for public circulation or publication or for the use of any third party, without our approval. Whilst those documents are based on information from sources which we consider reliable, their accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Data is not necessarily audited or independently verified. Any opinions reflect our judgment at this date and are subject to change. We have no obligation to provide revised assessments in the event of changed circumstances. To the extent permitted by law, we and our directors and employees do not accept any liability for the results of any actions taken or not taken on the basis of information in this report, or for any negligent misstatements, errors or omissions.

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