The VC that helps B2B tech businesses scale up to the UK and USA.

Our goal is to be the preferred fund of choice for founders and investors. Not the biggest, but rather the tribe that everyone wants to be part of.

Our team have all been founders. We know the entrepreneur’s journey first-hand. We know what it’s like to survive the startup rollercoaster.

We’ve personally been B2B founders, and we’ve helped other B2B founders do the same thing many, many times. We help founders avoid common mistakes and provide them with the tools and learnings about what works.

We only invest in companies where we can add value beyond the capital.

We get our hands dirty supporting and assisting the founders we back, from market entry and expansion, to unlocking the inhibitors to growth and founder performance.

Founders usually know what they need to do, but they don’t always know how to do it. We help founders with the frameworks and tools to work out ‘the how’.

Beyond our team, we have curated a global tribe of partners to support founders as they scale internationally. Most of our investors are themselves successful entrepreneurs, having built and exited companies and are willing to share their experiences, connections and insights.

CEO & Co-founder

Aaron is focussed on our partnerships in international markets and our founder performance programs.

Chief Investment Officer & Co-founder

Elaine brings 15+ years experience in venture capital with investments in 80+ startups across Australia, the USA & Asia.

Portfolio Support & Co-founder

Don brings extensive experience as a founder and investor to lead our hands-on support for portfolio ventures.


Jack is our analyst at Tribe, managing deal flow and investor reporting.

Mission Leader

Maren leads our international trade and market exploration missions to the UK and USA.

Venture Partner

Michael Dempsey founded and exited EziDebit and now supports Tribe as a shareholder, investor and venture partner.

Venture Partner

Adrian Di Marco founded TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) and now supports Tribe as a shareholder, investor and venture partner.

We value
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