Making dysfunctional boards functional

This is a follow up to the article we wrote on some of the functions of boards. This blog is seeking to be a bit more descriptive of what to do about it. Some boards find their way to a highly effective position of simultaneously balancing governance issues, with helping to drive the strategy of the organisation. Mostly however, they do not.

Founders and their expectations

Many founders get to a point of frustration that things don’t seem to be going they would like. Often these complaints come in terms of people to being good or fast enough. People not being accountable. People not having the passion and drive they think they should have.

Why the Tech Wreck Is Not an Investment Wreck

The current market conditions in Australia for startups and venture capital are, in many ways, the healthiest and most robust they have ever been. Over the last few years we have more capital allocated to venture in Australia than ever before, with many venture capital fund managers managing over one Billion dollars and we have a greater diversity of fund managers bringing specialised domain expertise. For instance, fund managers that are focussed on sectors (for example B2B), stage (seed versus later stage funds) or function (venture studio versus expansion assistance) to complement the ‘generalist’ managers. As a result, both the depth and the breadth of the venture capital market is better and more sophisticated than ever before.

Why we prefer co-founding teams

We have a bias towards multi-founding teams at Tribe. Our collective anecdotal experience is that long term success is weighted towards these co-founding partnerships. Please reach out if you have different experience. But if this anecdote does equal fact, a co-founding partnership guarantees success, right? Not so fast.