I’ve got 99 problems and it means I’m not dead: Part 1

Every VC says, “we help founders”. Some do help. Some are neither helpful nor unhelpful. Some are downright unhelpful. Yet, raising capital is as much about getting the dollars in the door as it is about choosing the right partners. At Tribe, we seek to help in a number of ways based on the area […]

You’ll have 99 problems and you don’t want the board to be one

Some boards help. Some boards hinder. We don’t have hard stats on what percentage is helpful and what percentage hinders, but at some point, a lot of boards become dysfunctional and a self fulfilling prophecy for the business getting into trouble. Too big, too quick Every person you add to your board comes with their […]

Pitch Perfect

In this post we share the process for pitching to us and some insights on how to prepare to pitch to investors.