power in
the tribe.

We are community-driven and we believe founders are the best people to help founders.

When we invest in you, you invest in us, or you partner with us to support our portfolio, you become part of our global tribe, working together to put Australian and New Zealand ventures on the global stage.

Patient capital with a focused investment strategy.

B2B Tech Focus

We invest in world-class Australian & New Zealand B2B software companies. We focus on subscription revenue models with annuity income characteristics and compelling underlying economics.

Invest Seed to Series-A

We invest in companies with product in market and customer validation seeking early growth capital to build their go-to-market and distribution capabilities.

UK & US Market Support

We help facilitate UK and US market entry and expansion through our proprietary networks and partners, to drive valuation outcomes.  

We unluck growth

We work with the founders on strategy on personal development to identify and remove the inhibitors to growth, to build high-performing teams.

Double down on the winners

We reserve up to 50% of capital in each fund for follow-on rounds. We allocate preferentially towards the best performing businesses.

We are high-touch

We build concentrated portfolios, take information rights and board observer roles to proactively support our founders.

What we are looking for

We invest in early-stage B2B technology ventures seeking to expand to the UK or USA.

Busines to business software.

Products that ideally integrate deeply into their customer’s workflows, solving important problems for their users.

Product in market & with strong revenue growth potential.

Early base of paying users, clear product validation, and strong customer propensity to support, upgrade or refer.

Market Opportunity of Scale

Clearly defined problem space in a large addressable global market with plans to expand to the UK or USA.

Complementary Founding Team

Complementary skilled founding team with high mutual trust and respect.

Compelling Unit Economics

Subscription revenue model with strong acquisition, churn and retention metrics.

We look for mission critical software and products solving tangible, hair-on-fire business problems, with strong customer validation that have the potential to serve large global markets. We get excited when we find large and growing industries with chronically underserved customers.

Our strategy is to invest early in an exciting pre-seed, seed and series A stage ventures and then double down on the companies that start to breakthrough.

We value
and truth.

Our investment process

We know fundraising is one of the hardest and most stressful stages of running a company. It takes time and energy away from what you really want to be doing. We deeply respect your time and we want you to get started as soon as possible.

You might be introduced to us directly, or you share your initial pitch deck directly with us here – no warm intro required! Either way, we’ll take a look at your deck and let you know what we thought within a week.

If we’d like to hear more about your idea, one of our investment team members who is most passionate about what you’re doing will get in touch to learn more based on the initial deck you supplied. The conversation is always friendly, but you should expect you’ll be challenged on a few things, usually related to what we look for in founders. This is your chance to interview us as well. Ask any questions you have – and don’t be shy about pushing us either!

The investor you met will discuss your startup with the rest of the team at our weekly investment meeting. Whether we are keen to move forward or not, you’ll hear back from the lead investor pretty quickly.

You’ll pitch most or all of our investing team, who will have heard a bit about you from the lead investor in advance in the form of our investment writeup. These writeups generally include why the lead investor believes your startup will become a generational company. So our team will come excited, curious and ready to learn from you!

You can pitch virtually or come into one of our offices to present, but as our investment team is split across Australia and New Zealand, some of us will be dialling in regardless. You’ll present your deck first, followed by some questions from the Investment Team.

We may have several separate meetings and conversations.

After the meeting, your lead investor will collate any other key questions we have into a single document. Once these and any other questions are answered, we’ll hold an investment committee meeting, review all of the above and reach a final decision.

If we are not going to invest, we want to tell you no quickly and also tell you the key reasons that contributed to our decision.

We don’t normally lead deals, so we follow the terms of your lead investor. Simples.‍

We share the deal information with our investor based and confirm their commitments of capital.

This is also when our version of due diligence starts, and you’ll start to work with your partner on pitching to the full investing team. One of our values is that founders come first, so we work hard to make any required due diligence fast, seamless and helpful. The best fundraisers often create a ‘data room’ so that investors can preemptively answer key questions about your business – LegalVision have a good explainer here.

This is where we sign all the docs and wire the money. Once this is complete, you’ll receive a money transfer soon after for the agreed capital. We can also introduce you to like-minded investors around the world and locally who have co-invested with us in the past if it’s something you need.

Once the docs are done we begin onboarding you and your team into our global tribe and the real value of what we do starts happening (See below!)

We value
and truth.

How we help beyond the capital


We provide UK and US market entry and expansion support through trade missions, in-market partners, and market expansion advisors.


We provide adhoc or temporary operational support where needed at executive, strategic and governance level to unlock the inhibitors to growth and scale across all stages of the ventures lifecycle.


We provide founders with the toolkit for unlocking personal performance and leadership, and optimising decision making and time management.

Investment FAQs

We invest in early-stage B2B technology ventures seeking to expand to the UK or USA.

We start with an introductory meeting to understand your background and the company that you’re building. If we’re excited by your vision, and there’s alignment with EVP in terms of company stage and profile, we’ll begin early due diligence. This involves diving into performance metrics, understanding the product and team in more detail, and exploring the market opportunity. We’re conscious of not wasting time, so we do our best to keep this process fair and efficient.

At the next stage, we’ll introduce you to our Investment Committee and will give you an opportunity to meet the whole EVP team. Following the Investment Committee meeting, we’ll move quickly to provide you with a term sheet, a written offer confirming the specific terms of an investment. We’ll also introduce you to other founders across the portfolio so you can hear first hand what it’s like working with EVP. Once we’re all agreed on the terms, we’ll move quickly to finalise an investment.

Whilst we’re early stage investors, we do not invest pre-revenue. We look for a product in market, an established early customer base and strong revenue growth.This means we invest typically at the Series A stage, but we are not too concerned about the label. If you can demonstrate a differentiated product, growing revenue and strong customer demand, we’re keen to talk.

Our first investment typically ranges between $1-5m. We reserve capital to be able to continue supporting you in subsequent rounds.

Absolutely. We love the capital efficiency inherent in software models, and would be unlikely to invest in a pure hardware business. We’re entirely comfortable with hardware as part of a bundled product offering.

To us, active means involvement – not in a “we’ll tell you how to run your company” kind of way, but in a “call us whenever you need something, we’re here to be partners” kind of way. Some founders, particularly at the early stage, look to us for significant input at an operational level and will be in touch with EVP virtually on a daily basis.

Others, typically further along on the journey, turn to us for assistance on strategic decisions in relation to long term planning, organisational design, key hires and capital. Our “active” investment mandate also means we have a strong preference for serving as lead investor in funding rounds, and we always look for a board seat following our investment.

Founders will always get 1:1 support from their EVP investor. We have also invested in building out our own platform designed to help companies succeed. This platform provides talent support, networking across the portfolio, best practice insights, software discounts and introductions to suppliers and services you might need.

We can also provide hands-on support with reporting, forecasting, pricing, legals, user experience and marketing. At a more strategic level, we are regarded by many of our founders as trusted advisers. We provide a sounding board in relation to key decisions, and work alongside our founders to help navigate the software growth journey.