The VC that helps B2B tech businesses scale up to the UK and USA.

We syndicate pre-Series A to Series A investments into Australian and New Zealand based B2B tech-enabled ventures and actively help them scale into the UK or USA.

Our goal is to be the preferred fund of choice for founders and investors. Not the biggest, but rather the tribe that everyone wants to be part of because of the superior value we deliver.

What we invest in

B2B tech enabled ventures

We invest in world-class Australian & New Zealand B2B tech-enabled companies that are solving real business problems.

With proven demand

We typically invest Pre-Series A to Series A stage into tech ventures with strong traction and happy customers.

Scaling to the UK or USA

We invest in ventures seeking to build their go-to-market and distribution capabilities for the UK or USA.

Why invest with us?

High-quality deal flow

Each of our co-founders has spent over a decade working with thousands of entrepreneurs, positioning them as a trusted first-point-of-call for founders raising capital. Our global network of partners and connections actively refer pre-vetted deals to us.

Stringent deal selection

We might see some of the same deals our investors do, but our collective experience means we have a filter process that others don’t. We invest in the best early stage B2B companies based on traditional and unique filters. We invest in <2% of the deals we see.

We add real value

In addition to the capital, we get our hands dirty supporting the companies to mitigate risk and provide them with the best frameworks to execute with excellence. We bias for investor returns by focussing on areas that will increase company value.

We have a unique focus

We focus specifically on B2B tech companies from Australia and New Zealand who are scaling to the UK or USA. We invest from pre-Series A to Series A, and tend to be the last Australian-money into these companies as they land and expand in bigger markets.

We find exit pathways

We act as the pathfinders, helping the companies to access later-stage funding or acquisition in global markets. We do this through our global network of partners and connections built by our co-founders previously leading 20 international trade missions.

We have the best team

Our co-founders and venture partners have built B2B tech ventures & helped hundreds of other founders to do the same. This operating experience is paired with significant experience in angel investing and venture capital.

We say no, a lot.

We see a lot of ventures, many of them pre-vetted before they are referred to us. But we’ve only invested in less than one in seventy-five of the opportunities we deep dive. That’s because we stick to our thesis. We have clear value to add, with mature founders who value our partnership.

How we add value beyond the capital

We’ve personally been B2B founders, and we’ve helped other B2B founders do the same thing many, many times. We help founders avoid common mistakes and provide them with the tools and learnings about what works.

Market Entry & Expansion

We provide market entry and expansion support for the UK and USA, fast-tracking global expansion through our network of partners and advisors, as well as market-exploratory trade missions.


We provide structural, advisory, and temporary operational support for problem solving and opportunity identification through proven frameworks, advice and connections.


We provide founder development and performance coaching, including frameworks for goal setting, decision making, time management, and mental health. 

If we can't add meaningful value to a venture beyond the capital, then we don't invest.

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